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Captain Rick Rhodes has lived in St. Petersburg, Florida since 2001.  He is well-traveled in the Americas, and can speak some Spanish.  Rick grew-up in the Midwest and Washington DC.  He has a Forestry Degree from West Virginia University, and a graduate degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  Captain Rhodes twice served as an instructor –in the late 1970’s, --for the US Army Corps of Engineer School; and again in the late 1980’s --for the Annapolis Sailing School.

For most of his adult life, Captain Rick has lived aboard boats –three of them –sail, power, and trawler.  He has extensively sailed the Ohio and Potomac Rivers, the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf Coast of Florida.  He has also made two six-month sailing voyages to Central America.  From 1999 to 2000, Rick served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador.

Captain Rick has a fervor for trailblazing.  Often he has found himself to be one of the first in an area that would later become heavily-treaded.  Before he was 22 years old, Rick hiked the Appalachian Trail, and visited all 48 contiguous states –mostly by motorcycle.  Wherever he goes, Rick engrosses himself in local history and has a passion to share this.

Captain Rick has researched and written nine well-received guidebooks.  All cover various river regions of the Eastern United States or of Central America.

Offering educational programs is an offshoot to book researching and writing.  Today, Captain Rick offers six one-hour educational and travelogue programs.  He has gravitated towards 19th Century American History.  In his most recent program, he plays, in full Civil War Uniform, Union (1) ‘General Ulysses S. Grant.’  His other two ‘educational’ programs are: (2) ‘The Underground Railroad,’ and (3) ‘The Trail of Tears.’  His three 'regional travelogue’ programs are: (4) ‘Exploring Florida’s Big Bend Gulf Coast,’ (5) ‘The Ohio River in American History,’ and (6) ‘Discovering the Tidal Potomac River.’

In St. Petersburg Florida, Rick is a recent past president of his Toastmasters Club, an active member of the local YMCA, a member of the Bay Area Professional Writers Guild and his church’s ‘Hand-in-Hand-with-Haiti’ Committee.

Contact Captain Rick Rhodes:
    360 Mt. Oak Ave. NE
    St. Petersburg, FL 33702
    Toll Free: 888-459-5992
    Mobile: 727-459-5992
    Fax: 727-527-8287
    or rickkrhodes@gmail.com
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