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Rick Rhodes’ book ‘They Made America Great’ is a short succinct review of some of the most famous Americans and their contribution to America. Everyone should read this book, because we all need a veneer of knowledge on our heroes and what they did to contribute to our country.

Emmett C. - Tampa, FL

In his latest book, Captain Rick offers a heart-felt narrative of more than two dozen Americans who showed courage in responding to the challenges of their day. Their stories provide role models for students and the general public seeking to move our nation forward.

Ralph W. - Eugene, OR

'They Made America Great' is a thoroughly enjoyable look at numerous individuals that helped define what it means to be American! Spanning more than two centuries, these are stories worth knowing. Upon completion of these collective accounts, I found myself wanting more.

Ron R. - Seminole, FL

Aside from the things a boater needs to know, Captain Rick Rhodes’ book on the Bay Islands of Honduras describes in accurate detail the islands, the north coast, and even selected points further inland. What makes this book outstanding, however, is that Rhodes’ love for Honduras and the common man comes out in every page.

Warren P. - Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

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