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    Books by Captain Rick Rhodes


    Your book, 'They Made America Great,' highlights what it means to be American, all the while providing a means to reflect on the challenges currently facing the American identity.

    Leon Panetta, Seaside, California

    Rick Rhodes’ work provides numerous moments of surprise and enlightenment. This living history is important as we understand and judge events today. These Americans, by the very nature of their character and deeds, made America great.

    Ron Stob, Co-Founder of America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association and Co-Author of ‘Honey, Let’s Get a Boat.’

    'They Made America Great' is a wonderful and insightful book. This work includes 31 real-life stories of Americans who contributed towards our American Legacy. These legacies are spread throughout many generations before us. I found myself entrenched in many of their lives and situations, personally relating to their story. The book shares the good and bad of history, including people of history who I have never read about in school. It’s easy to read, transparent, honest, inspiring, and encouraged me to be a shining light in our challenging world of today. I highly recommend this inspiring book to everyone, especially, during the tough times in America today.

    Roger - Polk County, FL

    I recommend 'They Made America Great' to anyone who loves history. Mr. Rhodes selection of some of American's lesser known heroes allows the reader to round out his knowledge of the history of this great nation. The 31 chapters are short enough for example to be read before going to bed or while waiting in a doctor's office and packed with enough detail to give you the necessary background on each. Very readable. I think this would be a great gift for a graduating student, regardless of grade.

    Rick R. - Annandale, VA

    Heroes of Years Ago,

    Still Aglow